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    copy *.tif files depending that the name exist in the dataBase

    I need to copy files from one directory to another, depending on the existence of the file name in a table of SQL database. For this I use the following code: Public Iterator Function ReadFileNamesFromDatabase() As IEnumerable(Of Integer) Try Using connection As New...
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    Question Recursive searching

    ok so basicly ive been attempting to make an application in wich the user puts a file path into a textbox and then clicks a button and the all the subdirectories adn the subdirectories of the subdirectories of the subdirectories etc... are added to a listbox below. It all seems to be working...
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    Question Problem with DirectorySearcher

    Hi All, I am developing a code in to check users from Active Directory. I am able search most of the records by Samaccountname but for few records, it's not able to search. But I am able to search those records with same filter from LDAP browser. I have tried different filters also for...
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