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    Question Dictionaries not being searched well

    I have a problem with searching Dictionaries in my program. If I begin a search with Dictionary 0, the search does not look for all possible matches completely in the RichTextBox, but skips to the next Dictionary. How can I solve this? I have created a video of how this problem is happening...
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    Question Getting all new emails (ItemAdd)

    Hello, i'd like to monitor a public OL2010 folder and put the incoming item into a dictionary. Everything ist fine with the following code, as far as only one email arrives at a time: *************SNIP************* Public Sub olInboxItems_ItemAdd(ByVal Item As Object) Handles...
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    Dictionary, Mutithreading, Resource Locking General Question (Long)

    I have a rather long question regarding the fastest and most accurate way to implement a solution to the following problem (I’ll explain my attempted solution below): I cannot describe the actual data (for business security reasons) so I will use an accurate example. Let’s say that an auto...
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    Question How to Connect Notepad as a Database

    I am making a bookworm game as my project in school and I wanted my words database to be in notepad, but how can I connect and query using vb.net2008?:confused: I got this idea from an online game that the game database for restricted words are in notepad, I also wanted to do that....:cool...
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    Question Anagram Solver - Need Help Please!

    I am making an anagram solver. I have written a function to solve the anagram, with two parameters; "Anagram" (the scrambled string) and "Dictionary" (the arraylist of words). I am confused! Sometimes it solves it correctly, 99% of the time, it doesn't - im not sure where I have gone wrong...
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    Question Program to make a list of every character possibilty

    I have made a program that makes and saves every possibility of characters under 7 characters (so far), and it takes about 10 mins to make one million possibilities... this is about 1800 possibilities per second (differering on different CPU's and RAM's) How can i make it more efficient...
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    Aspose.Pdf for .NET - Released

    What’s new in this release? The recent release of Aspose.Pdf for .NET v. announces the support for PDF/A-1b to ensure reliable reproduction of visual appearance of the document. Another new feature of hyphenation based on customized dictionary is also supported. More about Aspose.Pdf...