1. F

    Question Displaying a Save Dialog Box

    I am working in VB.NET using Visual Web Developer Enterprise 2010 on an XP OS. I need to let the user download a file, but there is no reference to any dialog box or common dialog in the toolbox. I get a syntex error if I try to create one on the fly: Dim Open_Dialog As New...
  2. Static ABC

    Question Close Internet Explorer Download Dialog

    Hey, I have created a program that has a flash movie in it that loads on a Shockwave Flash Object. When this loads because of some of the coding in it, it wants to download something. The download always fails and it happens about 3 times and somtimes once in a while randomly. What I have...
  3. stianxxs

    Question HELP! I don't know to make a download dialog for web browser in tabcontrol

    Hi, I was woundring how to make a custom 'download' dialog for my web browser in vb 2010. Because when i click 'download file' in my tabcontrol it's always loads up the IE download file dialog. I have seen the IE Clone can do it, but i didn't uderstad how to do it. Thanks Sorry for my bad...