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    Question Decode cyrillic string (RFC 1522)

    Hi all, I hope you can help me how I can resolve this using VB.NET From a third-party tool I receive a string which is originally in cyrillic (koi8-r) The string is always written in this format: "=?" charset "?" encoding "?" encoded-text "?=" This standard comes from the definition of RFC...
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    Need help related to UrlDecode

    Hi, I am having issues with Japnese character encoding and decoding. Goto Google Search for EF 奨学金 海外 留学 Click on the link for ‚Z—¯Šw‚È‚çEF - | ‚ZŒðŠ·—¯Šw View Source and s.prop9='EF 螂ィ蟄ヲ驥・豬キ螟・逡吝ュヲ'; to get japnese characters you need to view original source in IEDeveloper. When I view the...
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