date formatting

  1. J

    Question Formatting & converting DATES

    I'm new to coming from MS-Access and need help with this problem: I'm keeping a list of people phoning me and I'm hoping to generate a "CallNumber" with text coming from a FirstName And LastName respectively. I'm faced with a CAST DATE problems - any assistance will be greatly...
  2. Sparrow

    Question XML DataBase filter by date

    Hi, I am working on a sms agent that dumps the message into a sql database and has another agent cheking it and then sending the sms. I have put in a history view and the option to filter it with 2 datetimepicker but it doesn't seem to work. It just displays everything blank if I try to filter...
  3. Z

    Resolved What is wrong with the following DateTime.ParseExact?

    Hi, I have a text string like this which I will need to parse: FriMar1200:00:00EST2010 And I used the following code: Date.ParseExact("FriMar1200:00:00EST2010", "dddMMMddHH:mm:sszzzyyyy", Nothing) And it is giving me a A first chance exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in...
  4. whitezombie

    String and Date Convert Process?

    Hey folks, I'm new to these forums but am really enjoying reading the various posts. I have a question regarding string to date converting. I have the following string from a file I need to convert to a valid DATE in VB, but I am unable to with the attempt's I have tried. The date is: "Thu...
  5. C

    Question Inserting Dates into MSSQL DB

    Hello Guys I am trying to insert a date into a MSSQL database which is set to a DateTime field but it always inserts in at 01/01/1900 I am using a masked text box that is set to the short date mask. Any ideas? Also when I try to set a default date on a datetime field it will also insert as...