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    Question creating new DataView using RowFilter which has a special character

    Hello. I have a DataSet which is created/populated using ReadXML. Then I'm using the DataView with a RowFilter to select then loop through DataRowViews to query and extract data. Here's an example of a table, with the columns listed. TABLE 'element' Total # of rows: 42...
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    Question DataSet/DataView with XML problem

    I am a co-op student learning and I have a project which retrieves data from an xml file within the program (based on selections made from combo boxes) and calculates and displays prices. My XML looks like this: <.Root> ....<.Processes> ........<.Process>12345<./Process >...
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    Question EndCurrentEdit does not stay in new record if Dataview is filtered

    I have an application with a "filtered" DataView. The Dataview is bound to a form through a CurrencyManager. The problem is that when I add a new record using CurrMgr.AddNew(), and then use the CurrMgr.EndCurrentEdit() before saving the new record, the currency manager will point inmediatelly to...
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    Does DataView.ToTable() keep a descending sort order?

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with sorting a DataTable. I'm using DataView.Sort and then DataView.ToTable() to get the sorted table. Then I go through the table row by row and create nodes in a TreeView which is shown in a desktop application. My problem is that I can sort the data in...
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    Question DataRowView Question

    I have a simple question (but the answer could be complex :)). Is is at all possible to retreive data from DataRowView, or is that not what it is for? What I have done is create a dataview from a datatable: oleDataAdapter.Fill(dsDocTypes) dvDocTypes = dsDocTypes.DefaultView Then I used the...
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