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    Question Change to different SQL Server database

    I have a VB.NET (4.5) project in VS2013. In it I have several DataGridViews populated by a SQL Server 2012 database. The DGV and connection has all been set up with the wizards, so I have BindingSources, DataSets and TableAdapters for the DGVs - no custom coding to populate the DGVs. I need to...
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    Two things really...about Northwind

    Hello all, New to the forum and relatively new to VB. I have two questions, and apologies if these have been answered before, but have done a search and have had no luck. Is there a sample Northwind application/front end that I can download and peruse? Secondly, I have been putting together an...
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    Question declare BindingSource component at run time with sql database

    I had made a simple app before in which there were two text fields and the BindingSource component was used to fill those fields with data on form load from ms sql server and eventually bind those fields with sql database. but now what i want is that the user tells the sql file name on run...
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    Question ComboBox OnDataSourceChanged event takes a long time

    Hello, I'm transferring my code from Outlook VBA to VSTO VB.Net. I'm using a ComboBox on a form, and on those two lines, when preparing the ComboBox from code, it takes too much time, making the form unusable: ComboBox_multi_colonnes_Projet.DataSource = ProjetslisteBindingSource...
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    Question SelectParameters in a GridView Control

    Hi All I have a very simple database which I am doing some testing on. It has 1 table (called Table1) and within this table is 1 column (Titled Col1). These holds about 5 VARCHAR values. I am trying to create a simple webpage interface for this table which will allow me to enter a word and then...