1. D

    Question How to insert(merge) new query result to existing datatable using datareader

    What i was trying to do is to generate a list of products with all details added by user into the datagridview but as i am using datatable.load(datareader) it always reset the previous value of the datatable,i also tried datatable.load(datareader,upinsert) but same thing is happening again. If...
  2. M

    Question Beginner Confusion about Data Readers

    I am a VERY advanced VBA programmer making my way into So far, I have set up a MyDatabase.mdf database file in visual studio, and followed tutorials to make pretty forms that allow the user to view and update the data. Now what I want to do is manipulate the data with VB code - go...
  3. M

    Question DataGridView

    Below is my coding, Actually i want to key in EmployeeID in the textbox and click the view button. Once the button is clicked than the Datagridview table will show information about the employee. However with my coding, All the employees information is displayed. Please help me....thank you...
  4. Satal Keto

    OleDbDataReader from Excel gives blank line

    Hi, I am creating an application which uses OleDb to connect to an Excel spreadsheet and read the data into DataTable. The problem that I am having is that some of the columns I am getting are coming up blank, I've managed to narrow down that this is because that the first few lines for that...
  5. thejeraldo

    oledbdatareader vs dataset?

    hi guys. i'm just new here at forums. so this is my first post here. hope this one will be helpful to me and i hope that i can help others too someday. i just graduated from college and i've studied VB6 at school but not that deep. now, i'm currently learning i have a company...
  6. franklin83

    Question Problem with Datareader NextResult Method

    Hi, i'm new in the forum, and I searched for threads to solve my problem, but cant find something useful. My problem is that when I'm reading the results of batch Transact-SQL statements with the nextResult() method the next while to read the second result dont work, it has no records. Thanks...
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