1. S

    Question DataGridView ComboBoxColumn, how to display different values per row

    Those are 2 Rows on a DataGridView under the same ComboBoxColumn. The DropDown Values are different from each other any idea how to do that?
  2. VBobCat

    Question Changing DataGridViewCell from DataGridViewTextBoxCell to DataGridViewComboBoxCell

    I have a DataGridView with two columns: The first column's cells are of type DataGridViewCheckBoxCell I'm already able to catch its validation and get its value, whether true or false. Now I want to do something I don't know how (and if) is possible: - If the value of the cell in first column is...
  3. S

    Question Cell Level Dynamic ComboBox Fill in DataGridView Cell

    Hi, I want to add a ComboBox at Cell Level in DataGrid. i. e. There is one Static ComboBox(Suppose A) in a Cell of DataGrid, upon Selecting a value of that Combo Box, there on Next cell a ComboBox(Suppose B) will generate dynamically. My Problem is that, on first Row of Grid B ComboBox Value...