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    Question Display data from a dataTable or SqlDataAdapter

    Probably various ways of doing this and reasons why some ways are better than others. I am probably not going about things the best way but owing to my limited experience, it is what it is and any help would be much appreciated. I have pulled data from a sql database, put into a...
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    Question Add Item To Databound ComboBox

    This may seem like a silly question, but i'm really stuck on this. Short story of how I got to situation first. I started a Windows app using all code for database connection and validation. However, it was always losing the formatting that I had set at run time. So I thought I would use the...
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    Question Display database results as hyperlink in gridview

    hi friends! am doing a website for a company. the problem is i have gridview with sqlserver db connection. when i show the results , it should be a hyperlink. when user clicks the particular row in the grid it should open a new popup with those details...