database connectivity

  1. M

    Question Change to different SQL Server database

    I have a VB.NET (4.5) project in VS2013. In it I have several DataGridViews populated by a SQL Server 2012 database. The DGV and connection has all been set up with the wizards, so I have BindingSources, DataSets and TableAdapters for the DGVs - no custom coding to populate the DGVs. I need to...
  2. girishnair12345

    Help with database connection

    Please help, Tell me how to make and retrieve data from database and pass numbers as column names. I am using VB 2008 and used SQLStr = "SELECT * FROM my_table Where column_name " & byt_loop SQLCmd.CommandText = SQLStr SQLdr = SQLCmd.ExecuteReader If...
  3. P

    No value given for one or more parameters

    hi friends, when i going to update a database it shows an exception that like "NO VALUE GIVEN FOR ONE OR MORE PARAMETERS" what will be the problem? i if anyone knows pls tell me frnds... thanks in advance...
  4. P

    How to get value of selected cells of datagrid

    hi friends....i have one doubt in my library project..... when i want to display the selected row of datagrid in a single form when i click inorder to can i get the values of cells from datagrid to that form..... any ideas..... pls frnds......:)
  5. P

    Doubt in datagrid view

    hi friends, This s one part of code in my lib proj for find bookrecord..... But i find one difficult in this.. when i select the record based on the BOOKID which s matched my id i want to display that record in a datagrid view alone. How can i set a single record to the datagrid view?? Private...
  6. girishnair12345

    data base connection

    I am new to this I need to know how to make connection to the table created to take a value from table to label and other procedures for calculation i have made the table using add connection and so on to create a table in database explorer window
  7. D

    Question What is the best option for Data Connectivity ... DataSet Designer or Hardcode

    I noticed many times that Database connectivity using DataSet designer runs slow in opening Data Entry form. I just wanted to know what is the better options between hard coding for connectivity and DataSet designer.