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  1. S

    Learn How to Develop ERP (Source Code)

    Learn How to develop ERP software using VB.Net 2008 and SQL Server 2005/2008. This project is particularly useful for those who are developing an ERP software for .Net frame-work using As the topic of ERP itself is very vast, a basic portion is covered. The business logic?s used are by...
  2. mond007

    Refreshing XML data when returning from (Adding Data) in Form2 back to Display Form1

    Hi I have a simple database of 150 questions whereby Form1 is an Enquiry Screen where a QuestionNo is entered and the answer and its attributes are returned from an XML File for Display. The XML File layout is as follows : QuestionNo (e.g. 2.7) Question Text...
  3. tonifirnandes

    Question database application with datagridview and binding navigator

    Hello ALL the best programmer, before go to my question today, let me introduce my self : my name is toni firnandes from batam indonesia. Nice to get you all in this forum and hopely you would like to help me solve my problem. I have problem to make application database using sql server...
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