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    System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException- system resources exceeded

    Hello, I have an aplication that checks in specific time if database file was changed and if the changes were made shows datatable in dgv All code is given in Timer Tick. Unfortunately on each 1000 ticks I receive error - System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException (0x800045005) system resources...
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    Question Global Dataset versus local dataset

    Hi, I have a good understanding of dataset, datatables and dataadpaters and have used them for a few test programs in 2010 express and they seem to work OK. What I would like to ask is where to declare the dataset such that all the Forms in my Windows application can access the same...
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    Question Issue with run-time control binding - bindingNavigator, gridControl

    Using a devExpress gridControl & gridView (don't think devExpress is to blame here, but i just mention it for accuracy), combined with a BindingNavigator and BindingSource. I have portion of a WinForms app that has several "admin" forms that each show a table - i.e. stuff that users can fill...
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    Question Error upon filling dataAdapter (SQL2005)

    Hi all, I'm trying to fill a dataadapter from my sql2005 server. After filling i'm planning on generating a chart (VS2008) from the datarows. But upon filling the data adapter I'm getting: "A first chance exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occurred in System.Data.dll" in...
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    Question DataAdapter updates everything but the first DataGridView Record

    Hi! I am new to .NET and been reading these forums in order to learn about it. So far, I must admit that I learned a lot. Hope to be able to share some knowledge in the future! I have a question now, that I am unable to answer to myself. I have a datagridview bound to my access DB (once I'm...
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    dataAdapter for all DB?

    Is there any way we could delecare a default dataAdapter to delete,update for all kinds Database(Oracle,Access,Sql) ...? We have declare a oledb.oledbAdapter incase we need oledb databse object .. is there any way we can get default... or can we detect the adapter any how what we need...
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    Question How to monitor if datatable is still being "filled" from data adapter.

    I am filling a datatable contained within a dataset from a datadapter in a separate thread. What I want to do is see if this datatable is still being "filled" so that I wait until its done before I call upon it from the primary thread. Is there a status in the datatable that shows that it is...
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    Question Comparing dates PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi! I am new to this forum and to programing in visual basic .net! I am sure there is an easy solution but I am stuck!! I have a question: I have a program with a SQL 2008 backend with a table called p_timesheets inside of which is a field called tsDate stored as date. I am able to pull the...
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    Can Ado detect changes in a database table for automtic refresh ?

    Hi, I made a class for access (read and write) to SQL database Tables. Each time, that mi class execute a command, this call to private method for "Refresh" a Internal DataTable that, this class have for access to info from the instance. The question is: had the .net any way for detect that...