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    Customizable radiobutton appearance>button colors for each state

    I know how to make a toggle button by changing the radiobutton Appearance property to 'Button'. That provides the exact functionality I am looking for, but I want to be able to change the visual appearance of the button for each state (up, hover, click/down, and checked) including backcolor...
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    Customizable container control

    I am trying to build a custom control (dll) that allows me at design-time to add/remove controls (buttons, toggle buttons, labels, dropdowns, comboboxes, radiobuttons, checkboxes, and custom versions of all of these controls) and edit their attributes/properties using a collection editor. The...
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    Question ASP..NEt Custom Masterpage & Inheritance

    Hi All Here is the situation..... I am working on multiple projects and want to create a shared master page. I wanted to do this by creating a class in a base assembly that all projects would reference and therefore this masterpage would exist. The reason for this is that I would like a...
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    Question Adding Property to DataGridView Column

    Hello to everyone, i have created one instance of datagridview on my form(by using the designer), with some columns from a custom class (CustomDataGridViewTextBoxColumn) which inherits from the base DataGridViewTextBoxColumn class. So far i ve added one extra property on my...
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    Question Container region of a panel

    Hi, is there a way to make a user control (similar to panel) that has a custom container area? Ordinary panel has a container area that is almost the same size as the panel itself, and I don´t know a way to change it. The new control should have a container area (where I can place other...
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    Problem using DateTimePicker control

    Hi I am using a DateTimePicker control in my vb.NET application. The date can be entered by the user in runtime instead of selecting when I do not set it to custom mode. But I want set it in custom mode as DD/MM/YY instead of the default MM/DD/YY format. When I do so the date can only be...