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  1. VBobCat

    Question Implement Column/Cell/EditingControl derived classes, host custom ComboBox control

    I have this custom Control class, derived from ComboBox. Its purpose is to provide a standard behavior for controls whose list of items will be populated depending on what user types in it as search criteria. Imports System.ComponentModel Public Class SearchBox Inherits ComboBox Private...
  2. I

    Question Prevent Child Control Redraw when ALT or TAB Key is Pressed

    Hello, I am programming an application in VB.NET that makes use of a custom control (inherited from Windows.Forms.UserControl), which uses its Paint event (or rather MyBase.Paint) to graph mathematical equations that the user can enter. My problem is that, when the user presses the Tab or Alt...
  3. O

    Move custom controls

    Hi, I have a win form that has a panel control. I load a tiff file and set it as the panel controls background image, and the measure the images size so that I can set the sroll bar parameters. I the have button, which activate the drawing of a custom control, which issue the mousedown...
  4. Geysser

    Tip Custom Scroll Bar

    I'm developing a media player in VB.NET and, being somewhat dissapointed by the standard controls of Toolbox, I've decided to create my own. All of them will be included in a Control Pack, and so far I've created only a scroll bar. Some points of interest, concerning this scrollbar, which I...
  5. I

    Custom Control Designer Questions

    Hi all, I have a simple custom control with a button on it (composite control). Which I override the Text property so that in the property page I can set the "Text" property to reflect the text on the button. However, everytime when I recompile the control, the text on the button will go back...
  6. W

    change little picture in a custom control

    hello! I wanted to know how can I change the little picture when creating a new custom control. I mean the picture that appear in the toolbox when adding the control to the list of the controls. thanks :)
  7. S

    Inherited Control reference

    Hi, I'm just starting to look at Custom Controls after watching a MS video online. Video Training - I wondered if it's possible to get the name of the control that calls the OnEnter event that I am running. Public Class MyComboBoxAuto Inherits System.Windows.Forms.ComboBox...
  8. H

    Question Apply databinding to inherited control

    I'm trying to modify the listview to have similar databinding behaviour to a datagrid with the added bonus of having the ability to group by a column in the datasource. Below is the code I have developed so far. The only problem is that this code only binds to a datatable. I'd like to be able...
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