1. bluezap

    Reading Json data

    I want to respond to this Json data in { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id": "OmyG5dPleDsByKGHsneuDQ==", "product_name": "licenses demo product", "created_at": "2014-04-05T00:21:56Z", "full_name": "Maxwell Elliott", "variants": "", "refunded"...
  2. bluezap

    Question Convert curl into

    Here is what I need to convert curl \ -d "product_permalink=QMGY" \ -d "license_key=YOUR_CUSTOMERS_LICENSE_KEY" \ -X POST Here is the response I need to react to { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id"...
  3. A

    Question Receive string from PHP (cURL) script at remote server

    Dear programmers, For a project I need a small program that can safely receive a string from another web-server. A user browses to a website, let's say for example, and fills in a string. (I think PHP is good for this) This string is first being hashed/salted and via a...
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