1. W

    Resolved csv to multiple datagridviews

    Hello, Is there a way I can load a csv file into 5 datagridviews. I will then assign a command button for each datagridview which will filter for something specific for each datagridviews. The reason to the 5 datagridviews is that I can then create a dashboard which will refresh every so...
  2. M

    Question Csv File not updating

    Here is the login process, record adding and updating, I cant see where I'm going wrong, *******The User will login to their account ***** sub login() FileOpen(1, CurDir() + "\LoginDetails.csv", OpenMode.Input) logposition1 = 0 Do Until EOF(1) fullline1...
  3. S

    Question Read last line of csv file

    Hello! I'm trying to read the last five lines of a csv file and I'm encountering problems with the last one. I'm using the following code: fName = "c:\temp\filexx.csv" If System.IO.File.Exists(fName) = True Then Dim tmpstream As StreamReader = File.OpenText(fName) Dim lineCount =...
  4. V

    Question writing fixed length text file

    I am struggling to find a way to write text file with various fixed length fields from a dataset Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load Me.ExportTableAdapter.Fill(Me.NewDataSet.Export) 'write to text file Dim sw As New...
  5. G

    Question Uploading CSV to Sql Server Table

    Im new to this and Im creating a asp.net website that will allow you to upload a csv file with the following names and data types to a table called product_backlog which is on sql server: UserStoryID int UserStoryPriority int UserStory varchar(MAX) UserStoryEstimate varchar(50) ProjectName...
  6. G

    Sort CSV file by a specified column

    Hi there I have a CSV file that i want to sort by the second column of data... i.e. COLUMN 1,COLUMN 2,COLUMN 3,COLUMN 4 1234,54689,55489,The fox 5554,4568,59823,Brush 0578,XYZ,PQRS,12364 I want to be able to write a function that can sort on any one of these columns depending on the index i...
  7. S

    Question Export Datagrid and keep format to Excel

    Hello. I have designed a Win Forms App that imports a CSV file into a datagrid and then highlights rows and cells based on certain criteria. My goal is to export the datagrid to an excel file after highlighting the rows or cells, but I'm having a problem keeping the format of the datagrid...
  8. iDASTANx

    Question Got a problem with opening CSV files.

    Hey guys :) Pretty new at Visual Basic (just getting that out there before I continue). So, for my computing project I have to import csv files (got that bit working, got it opening up and displaying in a text box) and search through it to find criteria that I want. Anyways, I am having...
  9. A

    How can I speed up importing CSV files to Datagrid and creating new data

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie and learning VB.net as I go. I have been working on a Windows form in (VB studio 2010 using Vb.net) which will load a CSV file into a Datagrid control and then create new data in the data grid based of the imported data. I have tinkered around and come up with the...
  10. tommyready

    Question Dataset inserted into SQL table

    I have loaded a .csv file into a dataset and now i'd like to import from that dataset into a table in SQL server using VB .net. Is there a quick easy way to do this? Also this will be importing over 13,000+ records. ***JUST SAW I POSTED IN THE WRONG PLACE******
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