1. Taiizor

    FYI .NET WinForms UI/UX Component Library

    Welcome to ReaLTaiizor ReaLTaiizor is a UI/UX component library. It allows you to make modern designs using the various components it offers. Usage Step 1:Add a reference to ReaLTaiizor or search for ReaLTaiizor on the NuGet; Install-Package ReaLTaiizor Step 2:Enjoy designing Examples...
  2. Hytek

    Question ASP.NET ODBC Query with String parameter

    I am using a tableadapter to query a database using ODBC. The query is being created by the VS2015 Query Builder. If I make the SQL statement with a variable parameter then the result comes back blank. If I replace the parameter (the question-mark) with a hardcoded parameter then the result...
  3. P

    Question Detecting mouse button down & up events on the system menu of form.

    How do I detect left mouse button down and up events on the 'Close' option of the system menu that appears when the mouse is clicked on the top left corner of a form?
  4. P

    Question Is disposing a local brush variable necessary?

    MSDN recommends disposing any variable of type System.Drawing.Brush before its last reference is released. Otherwise, the resources it is using will not be freed until the garbage collector calls the Brush object's Finalize method. As we know, local variables are destroyed automatically when...
  5. P

    Question Displaying MdiChild ToolStrip into MdiParent during runtime.

    I have an MDI application containing an MdiParent form and few MdiChild forms. The MdiParent has a fixed MenuStrip, a fixed ToolStrip and a fixed StatusStrip. The MdiChild forms have one or more ToolStrips and a StatusStrip along with other controls in them. The ToolStrips and the StatusStrip of...
  6. P

    Question Elements of a toolstrip witin an usercontrol get deleted when copying/pasting it.

    I have an usercontrol that contains a toolstrip. The toolstrip is exposed through the usercontrol by a readonly property 'HostStrip' with DesignerSerializationVisibility.Content attribute. In this way we can handle the toolstrip and its contents from the usercontrol. While using the usercontrol...
  7. P

    Question How to obtain the first line of a multiline text field saved into database?

    I have a multi-line textbox whose text is saved into database. Now I need to obtain only the first line of the text to be shown in a datagridview. How can I do it?
  8. T

    Question Best option For designing Accounting Software ???!!

    Hello everybody, I am analyzing programming tools to design accounting application that user could download the setup file from my website and install enjoy it !! 1. I need it have minimum requirement to run throw end user, database would be SQL 2008. 2.It must have small size package to...
  9. P

    Question How to use an Items Collection Editor on a custom UserControl (.Net 4, Winforms)?

    I created a UserControl that contains a custom ToolStrip Control. While using the UserControl throughout an application, the ToolStrip control cannot be accessed directly, as logically it's embedded in the UserControl. So, to access the items of the ToolStrip I defined a readonly property in the...
  10. P

    Question Problem in ToolStripProgressBar painting (VS.Net 2010, WinForms).

    Ensure ApplyVisualStyles is enabled in your system. Place a ToolStripProgressBar on a toolstrip, run your application and minimize the form. Now change the theme of your computer to Windows Classic and restore the form. See the interior of the ToolStripProgrssBar becomes black. It doesn't even...
  11. P

    Question Problem in inherited form (VS.Net 2010, WinForms).

    I built a ClassLibrary where I have created my custom form component (let's say MyForm) that inherits from the Form class. I added the ClassLibrary to my actual WinForms project. Now when I add an inherited form to my project from MyForm, its Text property remains blank by default. I even tried...
  12. N

    Question Converting a C# Lambda expression to VB.NET

    I will probably sound like a bad developer here, but I am attempting to convert some code from the following page from C# to VB.NET: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh286407(v=VS.92).aspx The code I am having trouble converting is from Step 4 of "Joining a Multicast Group" on the page...
  13. J

    Question how to fill web forms and post through web browser?

    i have a form on one of my pages. How do i post the form after filling the data ? : <form action='http://www.mysite.com/login.bml' method='post' class='lj_login_form pkg'> <input type='hidden' name="lj_form_auth"...