1. J

    Question VB Crystal Viewer requires login. Cannot figure it out. Have read posts on this...

    I have a VS 2008 app I am building. I REALLY need your help VB Crystal Reports Experts! Works great but asks for database credentials when Crystal Reports Viewer attempts to launch the report. The stucture is that the app passes parameters to a stored procedure on a MS SQL box which creates a...
  2. T

    RDLC or Crystal Reports?

    Hi, I am a long VFP developer building my skills in VB.NET. In Fox we have an integrated report writer. In .NET we have Crystal and RDLC reports does anyone have an opinion about which one is better or where one should better invest their time? Thanks a lot, Tom.
  3. tgf-47

    Question Crystal Report HyperLink Problem, Please help

    I'm having trouble linking from my crystal report. I want to link to new forms in the project from data in the Crystal report and can't seen to find a way to do it... Any help would be appreciated.
  4. H

    export button to set default save as

    Im looking for some help; I have a windows application devekoped. In I have a crystal report viewer for displaying my reports, I have various different report forms which use this viewer. My problem is that the export button defaults to a .rpt extension , and I need it to default to...