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    Question unable to copy embedded resources to disk when using codedom

    I am running the below code to copy embedded resource to disk at run time in the application which works fine (the embedded resource file is added in the project resources folders and set as embedded resource in the properties): Public Function CopyResourceToDisk(ByVal ResourceName As...
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    copy *.tif files depending that the name exist in the dataBase

    I need to copy files from one directory to another, depending on the existence of the file name in a table of SQL database. For this I use the following code: Public Iterator Function ReadFileNamesFromDatabase() As IEnumerable(Of Integer) Try Using connection As New...
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    Question Backup Files

    Hi all, i'm very new to all this and i'm looking for a little help. I've been using VB to create back ends to databases, and i'm ok with that. But VB is so expansive, and I haven't had a chance to play with it all. So i'm having a crack with console applications, I dl'd Visual Studio 2010...
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    Question Object Equality

    This is probably going to sound like a question from somebody who just started programming last week, but since I have never really needed the answer before, I never bothered to figure it out. I have a Do loop that I want to exit once it goes through without making any changes to an object I...
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    Question windows forms app copy a file to a preset folder

    hi thanks for the help I'm writing a program and i need to have a button put a file into a folder, i know how the button works i already have it doing some other stuff. i just don't know the code to copy and past it to a folder.
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    Answered Copying an entire directory to an FTP server

    Hi,Does anyone here know of a way to copy an entire directory (with sub-folders and files) to an FTP server? The WebClient and FTPWebRequest classes didn't seem to work, is there another way or am I missing something?Thanks-Josh
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    Question Excel - Copy method of Range class failed

    Part ot my program is to simple copy a range of cells ~21 000 rows from one WB (oSH) and copy it to another WB (oSHOut). I've red a lot of posts,tried a lot of variants, but nothing helps. Strange here is that if I copy less than 8500 rows, the paste to the destination range is OK. But if I...
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    Can not update MSSQL database

    Hello, I am aware about the COPY ALWAYS or DO NOT COPY features for files and database files. But my problem is the following: This is the code: Imports System.Data.SqlClient Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Windows.Forms Public Class Toybla ' Dim ConnectionString As...
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    Question Copy text from console window

    Hello all, I am writing a console program in 2010/.net 4.0. Through out the program there are many lines of info. presented to the user in the console window. I was wondering if there is a way to copy all those lines from the code. The reason is that I want to save the text as a log to...
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    Copying an Object

    Sorry, still pretty new bear with me... I have a Class called People. I have an object called Roger, another called Sally. How can I copy my 'Roger' object over top of 'Sally' so they are identical?
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    copy text from yahoo and mns messengers

    Hello, Does someone know how can i copy all the text from yahoo and mns messengers, with .Net, without packet sniffing? TY
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    Question Help with reading and writing excel spreadsheets

    Hey i need a program that will read data from 1 column in an excel spreadsheet and then find a specific character in each record then copy all text before that character into the column next to it. for example if you had an email address like in A1 it would take all the...
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    Copy https text content

    Hello to everybody. I want to automate my own program for bank accounting. I need a way to copy (to clipboard, file or textbox) the content of a https web page displayed inside a webcontrol in VB.NET. I can't find a solution. Any help will be very usefull. I tried webbrowser.documenttext and...