1. F

    advanced image conversion help

    currently i have this piece of code, but regardless of howmany attempts i do in modifying it, it doesn't work, and when it does: i get the same quality image over and over... here is my piece of code: (it doesn't give errors, but im sure it is not good, and i can't seem to find the solution for...
  2. T

    Everything to Bitmap converter

    hi guys i'm making an app witch sends pics to my cellphone through a gateway and the only image format the gateway supports is Bitmap. Im getting my images through a Google image search API and a web client to download the images. the only formats i'm worried about is png gif and mabey some...
  3. mig_akira

    Export (convert) a txt file to PDF

    Hello everyone. Sorry if this is not the correct area for the question, but here goes: I must build an application that exports a simple TXT file to PDF. Actually, it will have to export DOCs, RTFs and ODFs, but for now, only txt will do. Can you guys recommend some code or article so that I...