1. bluezap

    Reading Json data

    I want to respond to this Json data in { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id": "OmyG5dPleDsByKGHsneuDQ==", "product_name": "licenses demo product", "created_at": "2014-04-05T00:21:56Z", "full_name": "Maxwell Elliott", "variants": "", "refunded"...
  2. bluezap

    Question Convert curl into

    Here is what I need to convert curl \ -d "product_permalink=QMGY" \ -d "license_key=YOUR_CUSTOMERS_LICENSE_KEY" \ -X POST Here is the response I need to react to { "success": true, "uses": 3, "purchase": { "id"...
  3. B

    Question uploading Image

    Help needed. I am newbie on VB.NET and looking to upload Image to DB converting to Byte. I have a BD where in a table named "tbemp" with fields "eid, name, image". My application have a Database Access file DBAccess.vb with the following code: Imports System.Data.SqlClientImports System.Data...
  4. F

    Question selecting multiple images for conversion (out of listview)

    Ok, I'm writing a app that should convert a list of images to own size (x/y) and format The code works, i can preview, convert the image and change its size (x/y), and output format, I open the filespath of the images as a string via openfiledialog, and list them in a listview example...
  5. R

    Question Get data from DataGrid to Textbox

    I was wondering how you would make a code so that what I write in a Datagrid would come out on a textbox with help of a button. Basicly I write 250 in the Datagrid, and when I press the button, 250 comes out on the Textbox wich is on the same form. I have been trying to find out how to do this...
  6. N

    Question Converting a C# Lambda expression to VB.NET

    I will probably sound like a bad developer here, but I am attempting to convert some code from the following page from C# to VB.NET: The code I am having trouble converting is from Step 4 of "Joining a Multicast Group" on the page...
  7. J

    Question 'Conversion from string to type double is not valid' error!

    I wanna perform a function like this. When you save a record, I need the primary key of that record to be auto-generated (X001). Say, when you create a new record and save it, it should be saved like X002 automatically. So to test this before I implement that on this project I'm working on, I...
  8. O

    How to recover image from hashcode?

    Hi Guys, I have couple of hashcode values of image. So, how do I recover image from those? Thanks in advance
  9. G

    Question Convert argument function in hastable

    Hi all, I try to convert names and values parameters of function into a hashtable. For name of parameter, it's ok, but not for value. In myhash, I would have: key / value param1 / value1 param2 / value2 There is a property to get default value of parameter (if optional) with...
  10. S

    Question Convert string to syntax ?!?

    Hi every body I wonder if there is a Type that converts a string to a VB syntax to be read by the compiler. for example: Dim command1, command2, command3 As what??! Dim drv as DataSet.Datarow drv = CType(BindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Row drv.K01=...
  11. M

    Question Get the lowest value from a listbox

    What I am trying to do is either: 1. I have some values in a listbox, and want to find the lowest 2. Convert all values to array, cant find what I did wrong here: Dim allavarden() As Integer pop = 0 Do Until pop = valuen.Items.Count - 1 'also tried with for loop and for...