1. F

    Converting images, overwrite option help

    Good afternoon everyone :) I'm working on a program that converts images, and it works fine. I'm currently working on a piece of code that tells what to do when the file already exists. The situation:I got the converting system in the main form (form1), then i got a second form (instellingen)...
  2. F

    advanced image conversion help

    currently i have this piece of code, but regardless of howmany attempts i do in modifying it, it doesn't work, and when it does: i get the same quality image over and over... here is my piece of code: (it doesn't give errors, but im sure it is not good, and i can't seem to find the solution for...
  3. F

    Question selecting multiple images for conversion (out of listview)

    Ok, I'm writing a app that should convert a list of images to own size (x/y) and format The code works, i can preview, convert the image and change its size (x/y), and output format, I open the filespath of the images as a string via openfiledialog, and list them in a listview example...
  4. iweir

    Question error shown in code,

    hi there, i am new to coding, and have came across an error with a line of my code, i have narrowed it down to this: If TxtAnswer.Text = Answer Then Point = Point + 1 MessageBox.Show("Correct") Answer = Num1 + Num2 End If it is...
  5. N

    Question Converting a C# Lambda expression to VB.NET

    I will probably sound like a bad developer here, but I am attempting to convert some code from the following page from C# to VB.NET: The code I am having trouble converting is from Step 4 of "Joining a Multicast Group" on the page...
  6. M

    Question Advice on an ActiveX EXE conversion

    Hi, Could anyone give me some advice? I am currently converting some old VB6 applications (ActiveX EXE's) to VB.NET. A present a VB6 server app can trigger off many instances of the old VB6 ActiveX EXE (which all run in there own memory space). The problem I am having when I convert them to...
  7. J

    Question 'Conversion from string to type double is not valid' error!

    I wanna perform a function like this. When you save a record, I need the primary key of that record to be auto-generated (X001). Say, when you create a new record and save it, it should be saved like X002 automatically. So to test this before I implement that on this project I'm working on, I...
  8. AlexRogan

    EventHandler C# Conversion

    Could someone help me convert this C# code to VB.NET? public event EventHandler Activated; private void OnActivated() { EventHandler activatedHandler = this.Activated; if (activatedHandler != null) { activatedHandler(this, EventArgs.Empty); } }Thanks in advance! *
  9. O

    Question String conversion to Byte

    While converting my String to Byte I'm getting all my space characters 0x20 converted to 0x3F, which corresponds with á I've search the web, but I didn't find anything that might help me... I'm using te following code: Dim Msg As String = "Hello World!" Dim sendByte() As Byte =...
  10. S

    Question converted code not working; Vb6.0 to VB.Net

    Hi, I need to convert some vb 6.0 code into If code looks like If adoRS("ENABLE") = 1 Then If adoRS("STOCK_Available") = 1 Then ...... If I write the same code in VB.Net with the help of Dataset; like If objDs.Tables(0).Columns("ENABLE") = 1 Then .... End If it gives me...
  11. amartires

    varbinary to real

    Hi, I have this situation: I must store a Real in a Varbinary field in SQL, then I must Read that varbinary real into a real field into another DB. As SQL 2005 does not suport convertion from varbinary to real or float (Although I can store them into a varbinary...) What is the best aproach...
  12. T

    Question converting HTML to a .png file

    Hi, I have a task thrown my way to use to convert a HTML document to a .png (image format) programatically. I have sniffed about the net and found there are several 3rd party products that can do that sort of thing, so I see it can be done. Does anyone out there know of fairly simple way...
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