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    right-click file context menu

    I need to be able to right-click on a file then with my vb code - Copy that file to another folder Catch the filename & put it's details in a database. The problems I have are - If I create a Task bar context menu, the file loses it's focus when I right-click the context menu... If I create...
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    Question Want to add SCAN to Windows Task Bar

    I am wanting to add SCAN to the RIGHT CLICK CONTEXT MENU of the TASK BAR & move it to the Top. It needs to stay there regardless of what Window or Application is current. I need to do this with code, not an app that may be already available. I have written applications in VB6 & having lots of...
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    Question Backup Files

    Hi all, i'm very new to all this and i'm looking for a little help. I've been using VB to create back ends to databases, and i'm ok with that. But VB is so expansive, and I haven't had a chance to play with it all. So i'm having a crack with console applications, I dl'd Visual Studio 2010...