1. jmfrank63

    Question DateTime as Optional Parameter in Constructor

    Hello Community, this is my first time and my first question, so if I do something wrong please notify me. I am trying to build a class with a date as optional parameter. If none is given the current date shall be assumed. Since optional parameters require a default value I tried the...
  2. VBobCat

    Question How to cancel class' construction?

    Hello people, I have a class which is constructed by a Sub New with parameters. In this sub, these parameters are used to query a database in search of data that will define new class' properties. Though unlikely, it may happen that the query returns no elements with such combination defines...
  3. B

    Question Setting a stream as the AlternateView content

    Is there a way to provide AlternateView class with a stream as its content, other than its constructor? There is a ContentStream property but it's read only. I am declaring the alternateview variable in the beginning of the code but I want to initialize it with a stream some time later within...
  4. przerull

    Question Dynamic type of structure?

    Hi everyone. Impressive forum. Now I do believe that vb is statically typed but might there be a way for me to get around this problem. I have a structure called easyarray. I just wanted a data structure that could be easily worked with that could emulate an array but with adding and...