1. M

    IP Address Changer with error

    Hey guys, new to vb and hoping I could get some help. This code does not cause any problems in my program in windows xp and windows 7 but will not work on windows 8. Every time I try to change the adapter in Windows 8 I get the error: "Unable to set IP: arithmetic operation resulted in...
  2. talamar

    Question General Guidance Regarding Configuration Properties

    Hi all. I am new to this community, but am not new to coding for WinForms or Web Applications. That said, I have been tasked with creating an enterprise technician scheduling application for the service industry that will have two components - the first, a windows service that will run...
  3. A

    Create Database Connection String Builder like SQL Connect to Server interface

    Hi All, I am trying to build a user control that will do exactly what the SQL 2005 Connect to Server interface do, eventually create a connection string and store in a app.config file. It should allow user to select server type, server name, authentication, user name and password. It...
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