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    Question Arrived in the mobile phone to your computer

    Hello I would like to work on a project. Arrived in the mobile phone to your computer and make calls from your computer Are there sources for this specific project or idea ? َAnd Thank u
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    Question How do I send a file over the network

    I ahve tried using the code: My.Computer.Network.UploadFile("C:\Users\Phillip\Desktop\test.txt", "", "my username, "mypassword") but it does not work... whats the proper format for entering a location to a computer over the network? Also... whats a way to send a...
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    Question Create a Computer in AD - Wrong Group used

    Hi, When I create a Computer in Active Directory via the DirectoryServices, the Computer Object is in the wrong group (Domain Users instead of Domain Computers). This is a big problem, because a computer with the same name as the AD object can't join the Domain. Does anybody have an idea how...