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    Question File System Stuff

    Hi guys, I am working on a recording program, that records instrument data via a serial connection along with screen shots from 4 displays and mono audio from 10 positions, this is all working fine, my problem seems to be when saving and compressing the files. Currently i have two directories...
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    Question System.IO.Compression difficulties

    Hi guys i am trying to get the ZipArchive of System.IO.Compression working. I have used: Imports System.IO Imports System.IO.Compression and the code is: ZipFile.CreateFromDirectory("D:\Temp", "D:\Local", CompressionLevel.Optimal, False) I keep getting a: UnauthorizedAccessException was...
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    Question PDF file size concerns for email attachment

    Hello VB.NET Forums members, This is my first post on these forums and hope I am posting in the correct section. That being said, here is my concern. I am creating a PDF document based on an html string using ExpertPDF (HTML to PDF Converter - HTML to PDF for .NET - ExpertPDF Library) and am...
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