1. N

    Question Class Build Order

    I have several classes in my solution that depend on each other, so the classes need to be built in a certain order for the solution to work. How can I force one class to be built before it tries to build another? Thanks.
  2. Bryce Gough

    Available Looking for .net Developers for LimeEdit

    Hello, i'm the head coder of LimeEdit - HTML Editor. Now, we would like some help in the developing of LimeEdit 3.0 or 3.1. What we would need: A Quick table adder that adds the html code to a textbox Also me (Bryce Gough) would like some help in how to compile an vb/c#/c++ form into a .exe...
  3. A

    Question Compile to Mac

    Hi! I'm Francisco from Argentina... I'm using Windows XP SP3, and Visual Basic 2005... I'm making a SW, and I want to work in Windows and in Mac.... so... 2 questions... 1)If I compile for Windows, will my programme work in XP, Vista and Seven? 2)Is there any way to compile for Mac OS users...
  4. shivinitin

    Question Debug Folder in Windows Application

    Thank you for viewing my question. I'm developing a windows application, which creates a bin\debug and bin\release folders. On pressing F5 key(start debugging process), the application launches from bin\debug folder although the application has also created obj\debug and obj\release folders. I...
  5. G

    How do I compile a .vb file?

    I'm trying VB.Net for the first time, and I must say, after spending two hours pulling my hair out (literally!) and trying one thing after another, I am severely disheartened. I just want to compile a simple .vb file. I used notepad to create a helloworld file. Then my problems started. The...