1. Runescope

    Resolved Pick from DataGridView ComboBox with Pre-Filled Collection

    So I have a DataGridView control, it has a few columns, one column is a DataGridViewComboBoxColumn. I have pre-filled it through it's own Items collection with the numbers 0 to 9. I want to pick one of the numbers as a default when the program loads, how do I select it's index? Here's the...
  2. S

    Question DataGridView ComboBoxColumn, how to display different values per row

    Those are 2 Rows on a DataGridView under the same ComboBoxColumn. The DropDown Values are different from each other any idea how to do that?
  3. G

    Question bound or unbound or Datagridview and combobox?

    This is my first post here so hope I have posted correctly. I am in the process of converting my windows form app from VB6 to (VS2012). One of my forms is a weekly work roster (or schedule) which was working fine using flexgrid. Now I am looking at Datagridview to replace the...
  4. D

    Question can we have an editable combobox in datagridview ?

    Can we have an Editable DataGridViewComboBoxColumn in a datagridview or any other alternate for the same ?
  5. N

    Question Datagridview with ComboBoxColumn fetching data from joined table

    Hello everyone, This is my first post as a newbie and i have done some search on this forums as well as read the rules before posting this. I am using VB 2005 professional and SQL Server 2005 express edition. For the last two weeks I have been trying to have a datagridview control on a form...
  6. R

    Question DatagridView ComboBox Issue

    Hi Forum, This is my first post and the problem which am narrating below is drooling me off. so here's my scenario... I have 2 datagridviews in my Windows Application.When I click on a row in the parentgrid, a child grid shows up with data regarding to which I have clicked.both grids are from...