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  1. venomphil

    Linking Combo Boxes with text boxes independently

    Hi VB.Net Forums, I have created a form that references a access database and this works great. Currently I have a list of products in a combo box and when the user selects the product I want the items price to be displayed in a text box My problem is when the user selects a different option...
  2. V

    If else in a dropdownlist

    i have a combo box and a text box in my combo box drop down list(School) i have 3 items ,staff, department and my text box(Amount) i enter a value when i click on save button it automatically calculate the the value entered in my textbox with the value assign to each school values...
  3. U

    Combo box - list box - Access database

    Hi! Basically I need to create a form that will display a summary of the population trend for each species of butterfly from a database that I have. I will do this by having the user select which butterfly species he/she wants to view from a combo box and then the list box will display the...
  4. IT_Student_604

    Retrieving data from ms access DB to combobox

    i want my other combo boxes to generate the names of the candidates that are members of the party list the voter had selected in my partylist combo box.. i've tried playing on my codes but still nothing was retrieved by my combo boxes. here's my code: Private Sub...
  5. M

    Question combo box value and text in vs 2008 for windows application

    hi, i want to load customerID and customerName in a combo bom. ID will be invisible and name will be visible in column using visual basic 2008 for windows application. thanx
  6. A

    Question Sub-Controls Copying

    I created a multi-column combo box control that inherits from the standard combo box. The control has a custom property which is a list of column definitions. When I copy an instance of the control, this list of column definitions does not copy correctly. How can I do this? Example: I add...