com object

  1. G

    Question Directory of COM-object changed after installation deployed project on development PC

    I have developed an application on my PC and use a third party OCX. After deploying the application and installing it on the same PC for testing, the COM-object is referring to the installation directory of the application, missing the licence file. Only after uninstalling the application I can...
  2. R

    Question COM Control Call from .Net frequently blocking for 15(!!)ms

    Background: I have an ActiveX/COM control written in C++/MFC which processes video (ie. 30 frames per second => about 33ms per frame processing budget) Various rendering aspects of the control can be modified using Set calls on the control, which clients can issue at any time. It turns out that...
  3. selvamarcadu

    Dsframer activex releasing COM object

    Hi all, I am using Dsoframer activex control to host office documents.I add the acitvex control dynamically and set an event handler for document close so that i can release the com object. AddHandler AxFramerControl1.OnDocumentClosed, AddressOf AxFramerControl1_OnDocumentClosed The...
  4. M

    Unhandled exception popup

    My apologies up front if I am posting in the wrong forum ... I have a app that uses excel via ActiveX. If the user kills Excel instead of returning to the app and letting it do it, I get an unhandled exception popup for the exception RPC_E_DISCONNECTED when the app tries to close the...
  5. S

    COM objects from within TCP Client

    Hi All, I hope I am using the correct room to post this. This issue has been killing me to the point that I think I am losing some hair from it! Basically, I a have a server that waits for commands, which can either be: Scan or OCR Most of the time, the commands it receives are a sequential...