1. M

    Insert into single column multiple textboxes from WinForm

    Hi all, Maybe You will find a solution - how to save (insert into statement) multiple textboxes in one column in SQL table? Well, what I have is a winform with 20 textboxes (each is for one metric). Table is build like: Team | GSDate | GSGroup | GSMetric | GSValue |...
  2. jlcruzAME

    Grab Item from GridView

    On a page that I have a gridview, one of the columns is a link for the user to open another page to upload files. Is there a way to grab a value out of the row that is clicked on? One of the columns is an ID number I need to grab when they click on this link, if possible. Here is the code for...
  3. R

    my computed column doesn't work when my fill command is activated

    [windows forms] when i experimented.. my computed column doesn't work when my fill command is activated i mean the command to show the record of my table.. but when i take off the code for the fill command.. the computed column works..
  4. S

    Question retrieving column's data

    somebody please help me.... i'm using 2008 and SQL Server 2008... the case is : ---------------------------------------------------------- if i have data in one column like : ASD654-100-CCCEEE4444-200- what query can be used to get "CCCEEE4444" ????
  5. N

    Question Crystal Reporting - Columns

    I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and am creating a crystal report for my data. Basically, I want my group headers (NOT MY DETAILS) to show horiztontally instead of vertically. Example--if I wanted it grouped by favorite color: Instead of: Green Joe Amanda Blue Henry...
  6. Satal Keto

    OleDbDataReader from Excel gives blank line

    Hi, I am creating an application which uses OleDb to connect to an Excel spreadsheet and read the data into DataTable. The problem that I am having is that some of the columns I am getting are coming up blank, I've managed to narrow down that this is because that the first few lines for that...
  7. W

    Question How to get the value of the whole column in a listview

  8. S

    Datagridview keeps adding unwanted new column

    Hi all.... if anyone can help me with this i would be very greatfull! Im using VB08 Express Edition I have simply made a new project (windows form application). Put 2 dataviewgrids on the form. Added 3 columns to each grid (at design time). I then added one line of code as follows to the rows...
  9. B

    DataGrid Column Position

    Hello, I have a datagrid in my project and I want to place label controls above each of its columns and those labels should stay above each column even when I resize columns. I need something like "Datagrid.Columns(i).Left", but of course there is no such property. Is there a way to obtain such...
  10. J

    Map Excel To SQL Table columns in gridview

    Hi there, I have been trying to get this workin for last few days and have searched all over net with no solution. I want a gridview with 2 columns, one is a dropdown box with the values of the Excel schema, the other is just a textbox with each row having a different item of the sql table...