1. N

    Question Defining a Generic Extension Method

    I am trying to write an Extension Method for IEnumerable(Of T). I will be using reflection on the Type T in the Extension Method to get a list of it's properties so that I can create an Anonymous Type that will include all those properties. I have written Extension Methods before, but never a...
  2. C

    Question Collections and files

    Need help getting my application to read file into the form on program load and to write the collection to the file with out writing the first set of data in the collection over and over on exiting the program. im attaching the file.
  3. S

    Dynamically query a collection

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I have an object called tblTask (From linq query to the object) which has fields such as T3_1, T3_2, T3_3, T3_4. These are questions that need to be filled in by the user. I want to run a dynamic query to find out if any information is in that field or not. The...
  4. theAsocialApe

    Question how to expose methods and properties of user controls contained in a collection?

    I'm stumped here. I've got a user control with one to infinity minus 1 instances of another user control in it. at some points, I need to call the same method on those controls (ex. user presses the clear button on the big control, I want to call the clear f(x) on each of the controls) I...
  5. W

    Question Issues with sorting a Generic Collection

    We use a custom collection derived from CollectionBase to store our Business objects Public Class BECollection(Of t As AbstractEntity) Inherits CollectionBase AbstractEntity is the class all our Business entity classes originate from. Things are looking good, except for some issues we are...