1. K

    Question MySQL problem

    hi, please help in my project in visual studio 2008 and connecting it to mySQL, I'm going to create a simple identification system, can you please help me with the codes? (Form1 - Log-in, Log-out) Here's my project proposal, I need to identify an ID number and a password. Like this,(Form1)...
  2. B

    create currency converter?

    hello, Hello, I am a new user. Never worked with VB before. I wanne make a windows form application. Its a currency converter that can convert EUROS to belgium franks,german marks and the coins off Nederland. it has to be possibel to round the result to zero decimal. I already made...
  3. Vermiculus

    Question Char->Hex Code

    {HISTORY} I am making a basic utility for Native C++ using the .NET framework (hehehe). The idea is to make a window with all the non-standard characters in buttons and have those buttons insert their characters, etc. That's all working perfectly, but C++ needs a hex code or something similar...