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    My first .NET App

    I am new to .NET environment and am learning by developing a web application. This application will be dynamically updated as it relies on the information stored in an SQL database. I know Visual Basic and am getting familiar to C# as well. I already know C, C++ and Java, So, I have the...
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    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K.

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K. An excellent opportunity for an ASP / C# .NET Developer to join a finance company with extraordinary and realistic growth plans. Based in the Kensington area, you will be entering a well funded start up organisation which comes with...
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    Question Detecting X button click of a window in winforms.

    How can I detect the click event of the close (X) button at the top right corner of the control box of a form/window? Please note, I don't want to know about CloseReason, FormClosing, FormClosed or stuffs like these, unless they are inevitable. I exactly want to detect if the user clicked the X...
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    Question Changing default value of a property of a control (DataGridView).

    I am inheriting my own datagridview (say MyDataGridView) from the standard datagridview control. What I want is that certain properties of MyDataGridView should have a different default value than what its base have. For example, AllowUserToAddRows, AllowUserToDeleteRows, AllowUserToResizeRows...
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    Question Problem in painting custom panel control (.Net Framework 4.0).

    I have inherited the standard panel control to create a panel having custom border color. The problem is, while the panel is on a form and any other form is moved across it, it paints hapazard lines of the same color as the panel custom border color, all throughout background of the panel. I...
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    Question How to set borderstyle of a datagridview column at runtime (.Net Framework 4.0)?

    I have a readonly datagridview that is bound to a datasource. It has two columns. Now I want the first column to have no cell borderstyle; and the second one to have 'All' (i.e. all sides of the cell shall have a border) as cell borderstyle. Before binding the datagridview to the datasource...