1. N

    Question Two Forms application is closing

    I have two forms and a button on the first form. What i want is when i click the button the second form to show and the first one to close. But this isn't working with: Me.close All the application is closing with the code above.
  2. Static ABC

    Question Close Internet Explorer Download Dialog

    Hey, I have created a program that has a flash movie in it that loads on a Shockwave Flash Object. When this loads because of some of the coding in it, it wants to download something. The download always fails and it happens about 3 times and somtimes once in a while randomly. What I have...
  3. M

    DB connection - should i close it?

    Hello everyone I had a little question. When i open a connection in should i close it after using it and open it again when i need it or let it be open the whole time until the program is terminated? Please answer with reason thanks
  4. R

    MDI Child Problems

    I have a MDI based application with two problems. First: when i close the MDI child i want to ask if the user would like to save the data in the child and give them the regular choice yes,no,cancel however when i try to use the Formclosing event it never fires, it does fire for the mdi parent...
  5. S

    Question Multiple forms open and close

    Hello, I have two forms frmMain and frmNew, and one module modMain. In modMain I hold public variables which are needed for application. My question is how to open and close those two forms when needed? I ask this because if i set frmMain as startup form, then when closed, application will end...
  6. M

    Show and close forms

    well i encountered another problem regarding the use of 2 forms, this was the problem...i had 2 forms one the main menu and the other a second form with details, so when i clicked on the main menu form to show the other form, the other form does show up but the main menu is still there.And in...
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