1. E

    Question Problems with receiving data from a 2D barcode reader

    Good afternoon, I am relatively new to VB.NET programming, and right now, I am in a bit of a pinch regarding a problem I am having. I am trying to create a VB application to take the data read by an Ethernet-integrated 2D Barcode Reader and show them onscreen. The scanner in question is a...
  2. K

    Question pc to pc communication with Server/Client

    I use Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and I am begginer in computer networks. I want to make two PCs communicate via network using server/client I followed the example from this site: VB.NET TCP Client/Server Socket Commmunications When I run the applications server and client...
  3. casirus

    Question TCP Server/Client "Individual Send To Conected client"

    Hello Well My Issue Is this i have spent the past 2 weeks working On A Chat Program for a client of mine and i seem to of hit a dead end. I have got the server app an the Client app Both Working to what i can see But My issue is i was only asked 4 days ago if i could add a Private msg and...