1. T

    Question How to change the picture of a button while it is clicked

    I have a button on my web browser, I want the picture to change while I am clicking it. I have no idea how to do this and would greatly appreciate if somebody could tell me how I go about making this happen.
  2. S

    Question How can I execute a javascript function that is on a web page ?

    What I am trying to do is go to a website using a webbrowser, and then simulate a click. I can do this easy enough when the click is on a regular button, not handling javascript. But it seems that the website has a javascript function handling the click that I want to simulate: [CODE]<script...
  3. jns

    Question Click a Link With and Without an ID

    Complete beginner. WebBrowser1.Navigate("")<a class="end"...
  4. K

    Disable Enter as button click

    Is there a way to prevent the Enter key from being interpreted as a button click. I am trapping key strokes at the form level but if a button has the focus and the ENTER key is pressed I cannot trap the enter because the button consumes it as a button click event. I am also unable to trap the...
  5. K

    DataGridView Cell location problem

    I'm using the DataGridView control to display a table of textboxes and comboboxes. In one of the combobox columns, I need to popup a form when that cell is (left) clicked. I have that portion working. The part that I have issue with is locating the popup form properly. In the _CellClick...