class library

  1. SmokyRick

    Question Library or Database ?

    I am making a new game. It will have several different good guys and several different bad guys, along with many different areas to visit. I am calling them Heroes, Enemies, and Rooms. Since I have so many different things to refer to I thought it would be good to use a group of class...
  2. ChetCromer

    Question Class Library Reference Disappearing Upon Compiling

    I have a solution built of 3 projects: 1. VB.NET Class Library - data access and objects, reusable methods, etc. 2. ASP.NET Web app - web application that references the class library 3. VB.NET Windows Form app - windows app that references the class library I have no problems with the web...
  3. P

    Question How to access Resource file from a Class Library ?

    Hello, I'm building a generic Class Library that I will use it in all my projects. However, I want to know how can I access Resource file from a Class Library ? I will appreciate if you can send me a code sample! Thank you for your help Paul
  4. L

    using .dll in a Class Library

    Hi, this is my first time in the forum, I hope to be clear. I have to create a Class Library in VB.NET 2003 (and not other) using a .dll already existed. I’ve load this .dll in the Reference of my Class Library but I can’t use their objects. Instead, if I create a Windows Form Apllication, I can...
  5. M

    Ftp Control and Class Library

    hi, I just built a new ftp control and class library in 2008. It might be helpful for applications with ftp functionality. Link: Looking for your comments. Thanks.
  6. A

    Answered Class Library Reference Problems

    I'm trying to create a program with 1 exe project and 2 class library projects. When i add a reference to one of the class libraries, and access things from the main exe project, it works fine. In order to access items in the class library in the exe, i add a reference to the class library in...