class inheritance

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    Raise base class event from derived child class - not possible

    Hello, I posted on the DotNet reddit with zero feedback. Is it impossible to raise a base class event from a derived (child class that inherits base) class in VB? This is a trivial request and I am unable to get a subscriber of the event to receive the event. Many posts online and through MS...
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    Create a table in a class that inherits from another class?

    I've been battling for some times now with a little problem which I think has a very easy solution; but can't find it. Maybe I couldn't get the right way to formulate my question on Google... Anyways, I went around it but the way I've done it is very inelegant and cumbersome. What I really want...
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    OOP related instantiation issue

    Working on a football game and I have the following classes for Generation of players, coaches, etc. Person which contains child classes Personnel and Players, and then Coaches and scouts which are child classes of personnel. Here is the issue I have. Inheritence is set up properly I would...
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    Class, class inheritance, list box

    I've created a Form that allows a user to enter two numbers, one in each textbox. There is an add/subtract/multiply/divide button. The user then presses Save to save the equation, and Display to display the entire equation in the listbox, which can store up to ten equations. I am to use a class...
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    Question Class Inheritance

    Hi i have problems coding for base class employee and its derived classes ss,os and cs. And salaries are calculated different for each category. For ss a basic pay and commission, os paid fixed monthly ans cs paid hourly. In a windows application...any help is very much appreciated