1. HichamDotNet

    Expand a TreeView at a specific child node

    Hi, I have a TreeView with [C:] drive folders hierarchy How can I make the TreeView expand to DESKTOP folder by code at Form Load Thank you for your help
  2. M

    Question Implementing Singleton in Parent Class

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone please guide me to implement singleton in a parent class. Infact what I want is that All the childs etc. should use same instance of the parent. I have implemented singleton, Changed the scope of parent class's constructor to "Protected". But in the application when ever...
  3. G

    Set property of parent class from child

    Hi, I would like to have a form class that is called from a button on a parent form and would like a button on the child form to set a property on the parent form. Can anyone explain the best way to go about this or direct me to a good article? In the parent class: Private Sub...
  4. T

    Question Form Loading problem!!!!

    This a code to load a form as a child form in a mdiparent form every thing works fine. but when i try load a already loaded form it gives an error Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: '<Form Name>'. Here is the code.... Private Sub LoadPage(ByVal formToLoad As Form, ByVal Icon As...
  5. hallipr

    Question Controlling Standard Parent / Children Object Relationships

    In the past, I have relied on Datasets, LINQ, or other various designers to define my classes and haven't ventured too far into custom classes and collections from scratch, other than simple classes. I would like to at least understand the basics of the standard Parent.Children collection and...
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