1. jaseemameer

    Question treeview postback

    I have several child nodes under many parent nodes. I need to check all the child nodes just by checking the parent node. I found no postback for treeview. I got a c# code for using ajax, but its just not triggering, after converting to vb. I found an aftercheck event in vb forms. How can I...
  2. C

    Default Checked value for radiobutton based on data

    Hi, I have a radiobuttonlist and would like to have one of the radio buttons checked based on the grade a sql table. So if a student is in grade 10 then the radio button Grade 10 would be checked . Here is my radiobuttonlist: <asp:RadioButtonList ID="RadioButtonList1" runat="server"...
  3. M

    Question How to Add Items to a Checked List Box

    I have a program that so far downloads an XML file, parses it, stores it in an ArrayList and then reads the ArrayList to add items to a Checked List Box, which is on a different form from where the ArrayLists are made and stored as public class variables. After I construct the ArrayLists I used...