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    Question how can i make 2 webclients in same form?

    hey im trying to make 2 webclients in same form so i can make more than 1 download i im trying but i dont know what im doing wrong here is my code: if wi say there are 3 checkboxes i want i you select all 3 checkboxes there come 3 downloads if you select 2 checkboxes there come 2 downloads...
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    Question checkbox plus text weirdly difficult

    I'm still pretty new to VB.NET so please forgive if this is obvious. All I want to do is build some kind of table-like or grid-like control in my form that has two columns. An element in the first column should be a checkbox that is changable by the user, and an element in the second column is...
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    Multiple checkboxes with an apply type button

    I am working on a program that has about 20 checkboxes on it. What I want to be able to do is to check the checkboxes and then hit an apply button then at that point whatever is checked/ or if something is unchecked the code for that item is run and those changes are applied. If the box is...
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