1. M

    Question Checkbox's event is acting strange

    Hi, Well, By saying it's acting strange I meant: I have 2 simple checkboxes cDeprecated and cOnHold. cOnHold cannot be set True if cDeprecated already are True. WHAT part is working great on all events (click, keypress and etc.). However the problem starts, when I try to check cOnHold to be...
  2. C

    DataGrid Check Box Keeps Rechecking Itself

    I have a datagrid with a CheckBox Column. Everytime I try unchecking it and checking the next cell down it rechecks the Checkbox cell I just unchecked. Does anyone know what I could use to stop it from rechecking a DataGridCheckBoxColumn when leaving that cell and checking another one? I've...
  3. jimirayyng

    Treeview control Images

    Hi, Can anyone help please ?? I am trying to insert spaces between Images and check boxes on a treeview node, in a windows form app i.e. checkbox (spaces) image (spaces) node text rather than default format checkbox Image node text Thanks :peaceful:
  4. kaizen

    Question Show Check Box in DataGrid

    Hi All. I am using the code below to show the results of a dataset that I want to import in to a database. I want to add a new column (as the first one) that shows a check box. If the check box is ticked then I will import the record if it is not then I wil skip the record. How do i show a...
  5. C

    Question Maintain Grid View Checkbox while paging

    Hi, I am using Visual studios 2008 with VB as the code behind. I have checkboxes in my gridview and also paging. When I check a few items and then go to the next page and come back the checkboxes are unchecked. Is there anyway to keep the checkboxes checked while you area paging through the...