1. A

    Check for Updates

    Hey, I'm trying to make an automatoc check for updates to my software. I want to use my blog on Blogspot as the main site, but I don't know what to do... Thank for helpers :)
  2. D

    when it runs it wont start

    when i click debug my program works fine, and it will publish no proble but when t runs it wont start and i get an error: help. i need this done by the thirty'th before i go over seas and cant work on it for a month. i realy dont what to delay it.... ill post my code later when i have access
  3. M

    Radio button, check box, List box

    I have a question, lets say i 5 options from which the user will choose one and it later prints it out on an another form, for this case i use radio buttons, i will i make the choice display on the other form via label, so how to u do this?