case insensitive search

  1. L

    Question How to make a text box case insensitive when using to search

    Hello, I'm having a problem getting my textbox to search case insensitive I'm using a textbox to search within a listbox Private Sub tbSearch_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles tbSearch.TextChanged For Each item In lbStoresF.Items If...
  2. lordbaddkitty

    Question Linq join on parameterized distinct key CASE INSENSITIVE

    To Revisit a previous question with a further stipulation... Anyone know how to do the following, IGNORING CASE? Dim Matches = From mRows In LinqMasterTable Join sRows In LinqSecondTable _ On mRows(ThePrimaryKey) Equals sRows(TheForignKey) _ Order By...
  3. D

    Regex for case insensitive registry search

    Hi, I've recently learnt that Regex class maybe used to develop case insensitive searches. I have a registry search program that will return only the exact matches from the registry. I need to make it case insensitive. Can you guide me how to do that using regular expressions in 2005. Im...