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    copy text from yahoo and mns messengers

    Hello, Does someone know how can i copy all the text from yahoo and mns messengers, with .Net, without packet sniffing? TY
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    Question Capture Listview Horizontal scroll event

    I need to know how to capture the horizontal scroll event of a listview. The project that I am working on has a listview and 6 textboxes that overlay row 0 of the listview. I'm using them to filter the contents of the columns. I have the Listview1_Resize and ListView1_ColumnWidthChanging events...
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    Question screen capture

    hi friends! am doing a project called network monitoring system. that project has two programs, client and server. the client program will capture desktops of clients and saves a copy in that system. server program will detect all active clients on the lan and displays captured desktops in a...
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    Hello I have some problems using sharpcap in some of my project.Anywhere i can find a good exemple of using this sharpcap ?I cannot find any decent exemple anywhere.Im a begginer at this and im using visual studio 2008 .Thanks