1. L

    Resolved How to use .PaintPicture in VB.NET?

    Im working on my assignment, camera, and i dont know how to use the .PaintPicture or something. im stuck. what i like is to get the image inside the rectangleshape1 (fix size) of VideoSourcePlayer1 and paste the image to picturebox2. (i hope you get it, im bad at explaining things) please see...
  2. L

    Camera app - Help?

    Hi, im a student, new here and new to we have this assignment, to create camera application using webcam with the following features : crop/save/upload i already did this, but i want to change it after seeing this in youtube and i like it and i thank him. i tried to make it in .net...
  3. A

    Windows 10 tablet Camera APP

    I'm trying to create a app that will run on a tablet and allow it to use the camera, capture an image and display it in a picture box? Has anyone done anything similar
  4. peaveyyyy

    Question Registering an application for Camera Autoplay

    I have successfully dreated an application that recognises when a new drive or memory card is plugged in and allows the extraction of images from the drive (using Autoplay, basically). I simply registered the application with the Regsitry like this: Imports System.ComponentModel Imports...