1. M

    Question Custom Calendar/DateTimePicker control

    Hello All, I need to create a new DateTimePicker control supporting the Hijri and Hebrew calendars I tried the DateTimePicker on "windows server 2008" and it was working very fine without any code change for Hijri and Hebrew calendars but on "windows XP" it works only with Grgorian calendar so i...
  2. C

    Question Calendar Error Message

    Error Message Steps = Click on Calendar icon > Calendar pop up > Select Date (example 12/07/2010) > Date does not display on text box (please refer attached document) Calendar Code <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Day End" SortExpression="Day_End"> <EditItemTemplate>...
  3. hmartins

    Question Developing a solution to get data from Outlook 2010

    I would like to develop a solution that can get the data from Outlook (from 2003 and specially 2010): Contacts, Tasks, Calendar, etc. I would then post this data to a DB. My problem is I don't know where to start looking on how to access the data from Outlook. Any recommendations?